National Archives Corp. offers outsourced documents and information management services for physical document storage, retrieval & delivery, document automation and consulting – services that help businesses save money and manage risks associated with legal and regulatory compliance, protection of vital information, and business continuity challenges.
National Archives Corp.’s Mission

NAC’s mission is to provide superior value to our customers by:

Protecting and managing their information as if it were our own
Delivering reliable and responsive service
Providing real and adapted solutions.
National Archives Corp. is a full-service provider of management and storage services for business documents and archives, healthcare documents and vital documents. Today, hour knowledge is in all economic sectors as: Financing, Pharmaceutical, Services, Industrial, Insurance, Administration, Diplomatic and NGO organizations….where we help our partners to manage and store paper documents in a secure and cost-effective environment.

Registred in Bulgaria
Business focus: Services
Business Categories: Computer software, Computers and ICT
Sofia, ul. Industrialna №11 Orlandovci
Also 1 location in Sofia city